Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Devil's Panties

Devil's Panties, the semi-autobiographical comic by Jennie Breeden, has been one of my favorite web comics for a while. Though the style isn't really what I'm going for for my comic there are a few things I really like from a design perspective. First off, one thing I am thinking of using in my comic is the use of patches of color which I think really make it stand out. I also like the way she unify her panels with a curved shape in the background. Even though its not always in every panel it gives the strip good flow. Lastly I like the combination of the occasional very detailed and realistic backgrounds with the simplifyed and stylized art. And you know, that its a really funny comic ^.^

8 Page Comic

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Visual Research and Comic Idea

For a while now I've been wanting to do something that combines fantasy or nature with modern architecture. I'm really drawn to the idea of the juxtaposition of the smooth lines of modern looking buildings with something fantasy/medieval or even just set in a forest. I'm still not sure of a story but I think I want to use something like this for the setting of my comic. I don't know if I want to include technology in with a fantasy world or have it just be the architecture, I'm leaning towards not having much technology. When I was looking for inspiration for this sort of idea before I found this site that I really like: The Cool Hunter. The site contains a colection of cool stuff (thus the name) from bars, to kids stuff, to advertisements, from all over. Here's a list of some of my favorite things (that don't necessarily relate to my comic idea) from the site.

This Winery - I just love the cave room, particularly the colors of the walls and the light fixtures.

Artist Linn Olofsdotter
- I really like the collage feel and the complex details.

SOUND night club This one was just added to the site recently and I love the bright colors and the curved shapes.